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There’s lots information about life in Lagos online, but it is hidden behind closed Facebook groups or buried in a myriad of Instagram pages and WhatsApp groups. To make life easier here are the best groups to join to find out everything you need to know to survive and thrive in Lagos.

The following groups exist for the sole purpose of providing access to information for expats. You will also find products, services and events of interest to expats listed here. If you are looking for something in particular posting a request for recommendation on these groups will connect you to the right information in record time.

Expats Living in Lagos

A place to find out where to go when you get here, and what to do. Find out about bars, clubs, restaurants, shops, parties and everything you need not to be bored! Over 5000 members. Join group > Expats Living in Lagos

Expats Info Group

This group serves as a touchpoint for expats who are new to Lagos, or who are looking for a product or service in Lagos. It’s also a place to find fun events, share information and feel connected. Over 5000 members. Join group > Expats Info Group

Expats in Nigeria

Place to advertise, buy, sell or swap. Over 6000 members. Visit group > Expats in Nigeria

Niger Wives Association

The association of foreign women married to Nigerians. It’s primary aim is to assist the integration of foreign wives into Nigerian society. Visit website > Niger Wives

Expat Leaving Lagos Garage Sales

A place where expats leaving Lagos sell everything for homes from beds, to fridges, to cookers; you will also find cars and anything else which is not needed for the return abroad. Over 8000 members. Join Group > Expat Leaving Lagos Garage Sales

Expat Garage Sales – Nigeria

A place to buy and sell to and from expats. 150 members. Visit Group > Expat Garage Sales – Nigeria

Lagos Household Staff

The place to find information about available, required cooks, cook/steward, stewards, nannies and drivers. Over 2000 members. Visit group > Lagos Household Staff

Go local

Want to explore local life and experiences? Find out what’s going on in Lagos.

Lost in Lagos

Lagos’ premier discovery site to discover, experience and love Lagos. Visit website > Lost in Lagos

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