LondonGirlinLagos.com provides an outsider’s view of Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria. Lagos has long been an international destination for foreigners to visit for business (primarily), or to live and work. Some people, like me, come on business and never leave – such is the contagious energy of Lagos.

However, finding up to date information online can be very difficult. A lot of businesses or organisations don’t have websites, or existing website information is out of date.

This website will try to reduce your frustration by providing useful and as up-to-date-as-possible information to make visiting, living and working in Lagos easier.

Whether you are here for business, a family visit or due to marrying a Nigerian, LondonGirlinLagos.com will try to provide information which is helpful to you.

Our aim is to help you find your feet in the busy and chaotic metropolis that is Lagos.


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