How to apply for an STR Spouse of a Nigerian Visa

Applying for an STR visa should be straight forward (you would think!). But due to the changes in April 2018, which apparently were not changes at all depending on who you speak to, it is a stressful and expensive nightmare. But hopefully my experience, will save you pain navigating the complexity. My experience is limited to the UK so it may not be exactly the same in your home country of residence.

Applying for STR Spouse Entry Visa

The application is initiated on the Nigerian Immigration Services website. Login with Yahoo, Google or Open ID to commence application.

All entry visas require completion of the same form. However the checklist for application varies depending on the type of visa.

The visa you are applying for is a STR Spouse Visa. Cost from UK $472 ($492 if paid via POS), plus £72 processing fee paid to OIS Services. In addition, for a fast track STR visa you need to provide a Postal Order for £100 made payable to Nigerian High Commission.

IGNORE any suggestion to apply for a visitor visa, you will NOT be able to apply for a Niger Wives Green Card without entry with a STR visa.

This is the same visa which wives of expatriates complete, however where the form asks about employment simply put “Niger Wife joining Nigerian Husband”.

Once the application is complete – make sure to check for errors – print 4 copies to submit in person.

Paying for STR (Spouse) visa

Once the application is complete, payment will be processed via website

Documents to be submitted

After completion of online application form and payment. Print 4 copies of the form. Request an appointment via OIS Services to submit the application in person

  1. Entry Visa Application Form x 4
  2. Passport photos x 4
  3. Letter of Request (from Nigerian Spouse) x 4
  4. Letter of Application (from Wife) x 4
  5. Copy of Marriage Certificate x 4
  6. Data page (Nigerian Spouse passport) x 4
  7. Visa Payment Receipt ($472) x 4
  8. Passport of wife
  9. Visa Processing fee £72

Optional extra

£100 Postal Order (payable to Nigerian High Commission) for STR Express Service

How long will it take?

Visa Processing time is unclear as there has been no guidelines issued for Niger Wives, but you can expect the visa to take a minimum of 6 working days to be issued.

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19 thoughts on “How to apply for an STR Spouse of a Nigerian Visa

  1. HI

    Thanks for your insught.

    I am a Nigerian and my husband is beitish and we live in the uk.

    My husband worked in nigeria for 10 yrs and we have been married for 14 years.

    My husband is now retired and we want to visit family in Nigeria.

    I was hoping to obtain a SIS permit for him to travel frequently.

    Is the SIS applicable to my husband and do we follow your procees as described excepting transposing huband and wife as purpose in the STR application.


    • Unfortunately the procedure for husbands and Niger Wives (foreigners married to Nigerians) is different. however, Special Immigration Status applies for people living i.e. resident in Nigeria it is not for visitors. Tourist visas are the only visa open to non-working/business visitors.

  2. Thank you so much. this article couldn’t have come at a better time. would you mind sharing what the letter of application(wife) supposed to look like? is there a template or does it need to include specific wording?
    Many thanks

  3. What is the format of the Nigerian spouse letter and the wife’s letter? Also, I have received my visa to enter Nigeria but I had applied before I knew there was such thing as a wife resident permit. with being said what are my options now to apply?


  5. Thanks for this!

    I’ve been looking for a clear guide for this, went as far as going to the Ministry of Interior and was getting conflicting adsense.

    Please how long is the STR Visa valid for and can it only be used once?

    I’d want to process this this year.

  6. Thanks for this!

    I’ve been looking for a clear guide for this, went as far as going to
    the Ministry of Interior and was getting conflicting adsense.

    Please how long is the STR Visa valid for and can it only be used once?

    I’d want to process this this year

  7. Thanks for this info. you are very right that niger wives can only be given green card with str visa. i tried with the visitor’s visa when i visited nigeria with my wife but they declined and asked me to apply for str visa.

    • They changed the process in 2019, and it isn’t very clear online which is why we have highlighted the process.

  8. i am a niger citizen my wife is from spain. Live in norway((((( now we are in nigeria trying to process the niger wife visa. But they say she need to come with str entry visA ,,,,,,,my question is it possible to get the str visa from here in nigeria?????

    • It is not possible to apply for an STR visa in Nigeria. It is obtained from your original country of residence. You will both need to live in Nigeria to receive a Niger Wife residents card. The Niger Wife card is a residents permit.

  9. The visa checklist mentioned the expatriate quota and a job offer and acceptance of job letter for the STR spousal Visa too. Is that mandatory to get the spousal visa? I’m british and my husband is Nigerian and I’m looking to move there with our son, but I just want to make sure I fully understand the process and have everything prepared before I start to apply for anything.

    • Hi Megan,
      The visa you need is the Spouse of a Nigerian visa. Not the Spousal Visa (that one applies to expats spouses, not Niger Wives). Let the visa company know you are a Niger Wife. Follow the steps for Niger Wives and STR – Spouse of a Nigerian visa. Not all of the visa staff know. Ask for someone who knows about the Niger Wives visa requirements.

  10. Hello — do you have any GUIDANCE on how ro renew The Spousal green caRd once you have it? Mine is expiring aoon.

    • No information has been published about this, but I have been advised by NIS that you should go to the NIS office with the green card and the passport they will renew the green card and make new endorsement in the passport base on the validity of the passport. It should take 2 weeks. Hope this helps.

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