Flying to Lagos on your own

Flying to Lagos on your own, whether for business or pleasure, will no doubt feel like a daunting task. But despite what you might have heard, do not stress!

Lagos is visited by thousands of visitors every year without incident. As a non-Nigerian visitor I was recommended:

1) Don’t go there!

2) If I do to take my own security!

3) Don’t take a taxi from the airport!

Well I ignored all of the advice I was given. I went, on my own, I took Uber from the airport – and I survived to tell the tale! As do thousands of other people. You either love or hate Lagos.

But to make sure your trip is as positive an experience as you would like, here are my tips.

Book a Taxi in advance

Don’t do what my clients did (they forgot to book a car to pick me up from the airport)! Book an airport transfer! Not due to any safety concerns, who wants to wait for a car after a long flight?

Unless you want to pay over the odds don’t use the airport taxis. If you have an Uber Account you will be charged the local fare in Naira via your bank card.

Don’t stop to ask directions

Just like visiting any densely populated city you are wise to make sure you know where you are going so you don’t have to stop and ask directions.

Use Google Maps

Use Google Maps to be sure that you are going to the right destination – but be sure you have the right business. Lagos is notorious for exact or similar named businesses. Check the hotel website for the correct address, don’t rely on an address you found on Google.

Choosing a hotel for solo travellers

Lagos is mostly visited by single male travellers for business. However, there is an increasing number of female business travellers. Security is pretty tight at most hotels, so you won’t have to worry about strangers visiting your hotel room if you choose a reputable hotel.

Choose a hotel in a good location such as Victoria Island (VI) or Ikoyi. My suggestions are:

Lagos Continental

Eko Hotel

The Wheatbaker

The George

Check or TripAdvisor for customer reviews. Safe travels!

Any other tips? Tell us below…..


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